Kid Grim – Zephyr

Born into music with having crazy parents and an absolute love for difference.

Started with really getting into music at the age of 13 with loving the essence that Placebo brought put Kid Grim on his punk adventure.

Getting into Rancid, NoFX, Pennywise, Black Sunday and many others just gave him a rebel nature to go deeper into music.  Loving horror, scifi and fantasy made Kid Grim seek more.

The Prodigy took him by surprise and so did the Chemical Brothers.  Putting Kid Grim on a different level of experimenting with different flavous of music. Dnb was a bit of a calling but that did not last for long as Kid Grim wanted more.

Getting into bands, sound engineering and understanding how to play certain instruments was the next step. Guitar, drums and bass is what Kid Grim got to know plus screaming and singing in 2 amazing punk bands in South Africa.

Doing really well on the circuit and almost getting far till a tragedy happened did not stop Kid Grim. Touring to far away lands as Norway to understand sound and learing from the best opened up his horizons.

EDM was the next step. Going deeper into sound, producing, mixing and mastering got Kid Grim meeting loads of people. Reklaw. Eighty Nine Geeks. Slum Lotus. Audio Animals. Ben BSM And many many others that have helped Kid Grim get where he is today.

The help of piano and sound design plus with the love of being an absolute geek has made Kid Grim who he is today. Creating the new genre called Nectro ( nintendo electro ) that is bass heavy and defining exactly who Kid Grim is today. He has managed to pick up some awesome promoters such as Scott & Weiler and Asheligh Carter who have really pushed him to really exploit his talent. Kid Grim is your nintendo loving geek that combines electro into his well defined nintendo sounds creating melodic bass heavy productions that have never been tested or pushed before

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