PR!ME REM!X “Full Moon” [Netsky-Iron heart/Skream-Anticipate]

In preparation for his August release of “P.R.I.M.E.”, DJ/Producer Predator Prime, has a few new singles lined up for June releases. The first one of these being, “FULL MOON,” a (Netsky-Iron Heart/Skream-Anticipate) Pr!me Rem!x. A combination of HOUSE, DRUM & BASS, and TECHNO, Predator Prime samples Netsky-Iron Heart and Skream-Anticipate songs. His full project, available in August, will feature a variety of remixes, like this, that showcase Predator Prime’s DJ-ing, as well as producing abilities.
Kris Prime Parker, also knows as DJ/Producer Predator Prime, got into DJ-ing at the mere age of 15. His talents are as diverse as his musical inspirations and influences, which range from Japanese Hip Hop producer “Nujabes”, J-Dilla, 9th wonder, DJ premiere and Exile to Electronic Music Legends Daft Punk. And not to mention having Hip Hop Icon KRS ONE as a father, Predator Prime was always immersed in music.

He had his first gig playing at the Key Club in LA when he was 14, where he accidentally served as a DJ to his father KRS One. He requested the house DJ to play a hard beat but the DJ unfortunately failed to do so. This resulted in the phrase “DJ Predator Prime, throw on a hard beat!”. Standing right next to the house DJ, Predator Prime hit the needle on the record blasting a Premiere beat strait through the venue.

With a cheap DJ box (2 turn tables and mixer in one) it was clear that Predator Prime knew what he was doing and as he rocked the crowd it was clear that it was definitely “Prime Time”! From this point on, Predator Prime took his passion for playing music and making music a step further by performing on a 26-city tour in Europe with Supernatural and DJ Kenny Parker, one after the next. One of his latest gigs was performing at Rock the Bells 2010, for his father, KRS-One. This year, he will be DJ-ing for the KRS-One’s Hip-Hop 40th anniversary tour, in Europe.

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