Elizabeth Inure – FAITH + 1

It is important to have something to hold on to when the world lets go of you. When Im at my lowest, music picks me up no matter what. My one true love has always been music and this is what I want to do with my life: be someone that people want to listen to, bring joy and comfort to their lives, not only provide an escape but be a strength when there is a need for it. As young as I am, I have tasted life both bitter and sweet and I want the world to see that there is beauty in all of it, even amidst the darkness that sometimes surrounds us.

I am a singer/songwriter from Chicago, currently collaborating with The Chaoitic Good, Le Castle Vania, Ultra and sexcult records. Have prepared a video for my next upcoming release. If you find it intriguing, I would love to receive additional information and discuss further involvement with The Electro Blog.
Thank you for your consideration!

Elizabeth Inure


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