DrPECCO – Pornographica

DrPECCO is a nocturnal retrofuturistic musician from Finland whose music is heavily inspired by the infamous synthscapes of the eighties as well as exploitation culture. The story of DrPECCO started from a mind altering experience when a young man climbed the top of the Florentinian Duomo. Without being on a nostalgia trip, DrPECCO tries to create fresh, intensive and sinister beats for the night beasts of the 21st century.

DrPECCO released his first EP ‘Crystal Eyes, Diamond Tails’ in march 2013 and is now preparing to release his second, defining EP ‘Thrill’ in the summer of 2013.

The hair-rising banger ‘Pornographica’ gives a good taste on what to expect from the upcoming EP.

The song ‘Pornographica’

Video to the song ‘Undercover Predator’ from the first EP.

Duomo Climb


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